Design Summary

My polo design that evolved from “just a polo” into a polo program — the Palm Coast Polo introduced the Tommy Bahama guest to innovative body-mapping design and moisture wicking polyester. It quickly became a guest favorite and ultimately was a catalyst for the revamping of the IslandZone category of activewear for the brand.

My Role

  • Market research & concept development
  • Adapting trend research for the target customer
  • Material & fabric development
  • Apparel design & technical design sketches
  • Seasonal color direction
  • Redeveloped fabric utilizing 100% recycled polyester
  • Designed multiple extension styles to continue building on the success of the program.

Market Research

  • Mens sportswear trends continued to show the importance of activewear
  • Performance - Body Mapping - Base Layers - Seamless Knitting

Adapting research for the target customer

  • Average customer age 42-65
  • Live or vacation in hot, tropical climates
  • Golf is a favorite activity and guests buy for the sport
  • Knit polos already established as a guest favorite style

Design direction based on research and customer knowledge

  • Design golf course appropriate polo shirt style
  • Incorporate body mapping ventilation & performance materials

Concept Development


Material & Fabric Development

Fabric face & color:

  • Must allow for broad range of seasonal colorways
  • Goal to achieve tonal double dye fabric face

Developed Fabric Specifications:

  • 100% Polyester (Redeveloped using 100% Recycled Polyester after the first production season)
  • Dye Cationic / Regular Poly for two-tone look
  • 145 GMS - Non-pilling, machine washable
  • Moisture Wicking / Quick Dry / Breathable

Apparel Design & Technical Sketches with engineered stitch transfer specs:


Seasonal color direction:

  • Worked with buyers to chose core colors for carryover seasons
  • Golf- course appropriate colors
  • Bright colors for warm climate store doors
  • Fun Fact: Over 90 colorways have been developed for this program

Product Launch

Launched March 2019, Became #1 Selling Polo into 2021


Post Product Launch Takeaways

For the brand:

The success of this style proved that the Tommy Bahama guest will embrace performance fabrics and activewear styling. As a result, I was able to expand using this technology for new applications for the men’s knit team and helped shape a whole brand line of IslandActive clothing.

As a Designer:

Designing a style using body mapping was brand new at the time to my design team and myself. Working with a vertical mill allowed for the material and design to be developed together and for more control of the outcome. I learned so much about the technology and was able to create successful designs more quicky for follow up seasons.